There Will Never Be Absolute Peace Around the World – This Is Why

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“Imagine all the people, living life in peace…” sang John Lennon in his famous song “Imagine”. Yes, John was right, a peaceful life worldwide would be so much nicer for everyone. No racism, sexism, discrimination of any kind. No abuse, no hurt, no pain. Nothing but love between everyone and anyone, regardless of anything. It would be a perfect place to live, but unfortunately it will never, ever happen. Why? Because there will never be absolute world peace around the world, ever.



Greed, Greed, Greed

The leaders of the world are too greedy for a start, always wanting more no matter how much they already have. I mean, look at David Cameron, the UK prime minister. He wanted to control people doing this that and the other all across Europe, and now he just wants to get up and leave, making the UK totally independent, all by itself. Look at Donald Trump, fighting to become the US president in order to impose his totally ridiculous rules. Look at the conflicts it has caused already, before he’s even had the chance to be elected as the president. You can only imagine how this world would be if all of the world leaders met up on a more regular basis, because the vast majority of them are so greedy that it would just result in a fight, monumental in size. Because that’s exactly what greed does – it leads to stupidity and then arguments, fights and sometimes even war. It’s ridiculous.

Opposing Mindsets

Furthermore, there are too many opposing views from both country leaders and country citizens across the globe. There is a list probably as long in length as the diameter of the globe we live on full of all of the opposing views of the world – same sex marriage, LGBTQ+ rights, abortions, equal rights for females, child slavery, fair trials, the death penalty, nuclear weapons, who should be in charge of the country, benefits, who gets help from the state, should paternity leave be a thing… the list goes on! There is an abundance of things that different countries over the world just refuse to agree on, for whatever reason, and this leads to stupidity and then arguments, fights and sometimes even war. Crazy.


Religion also prevents world peace, sadly. Whilst each religion has it’s own rules about being peaceful and treating other people kindly, for some reason a small minority from each religion just can’t seem to tolerate other religions, and it’s really quite sad to see. It’s even sadder when people from the same religion can’t seem to get along with each other, purely because some individuals might practice it in a slightly different way to someone else. This then leads to stupidity and then arguments, fights and sometimes even war. So ridiculous.

Give Peace a Chance

There are also far too many dictators in the world and what does this lead to? A clash of opinions and personalities of course. If everybody is busy trying to tell each other what to do and nobody is actually listening to each other, what does that lead to? That’s right, you should know by now… stupidity and then arguments, fights and sometimes even war.

It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs, to be honest. The human race is effectively a breed, and we are all effectively the same. Therefore, shouldn’t we all want the same things for each other? The same lifestyle, the same opportunities – happiness for everybody? Shouldn’t we want men and women to be equal, children to be properly looked after, criminals to be treated in a just way, people to be able to live their lives as who they want to be and with whom they want to be with? It seems like such a simple way to live and yet at the same time it’s such a novel idea because almost every single person on this planet must be so aware of the fact that this will probably never happen.

It’s sad, of course it’s sad – who doesn’t long for world peace? Who hasn’t made a prayer to their God, a wish on a shooting star or a birthday cake hoping for no more war, no more fighting, no more pain? But there will never be world peace because nobody is ever going to be willing to make the first move toward everybody getting along.