Privacy Policy:

The privacy and security of visitors to (“we, “our” or “us”) is of vital importance to us. Therefore, we have put together an in-depth Privacy Policy to better explain how the information provided to (the “site”) is collected, used and disclosed, along with your choices about the collection and use of your information. We ensure that any personal information collected from site visitors (identifiable or non-personally identifiable) is used solely for the purposes as laid out in this Privacy Policy. No information collected will be rented or sold to any  third parties.

Information Collected

We only collect the very basic of information, which you may be asked to provide as visitors to the website. These are:

  • E-mail – We may ask for your e-mail address in order to send out regular newsletters from You do not have to provide this information if you do not wish to receive the newsletters. You may also unsubscribe at any time.
  • Non-personally identifiable information – We may collect non-personally identifiable information, such as browser type, screen resolution and so forth. This information can not identify you as an individual. We use this information simply for analytical or aggregation purposes.


How Collected Information Is Used

It is important to us that the personal information collected from you is never sold or rented to third parties, outside of The only time we will ever use your personal information (e-mail address) is for the purposes of our regular newsletter. As mentioned, you can unsubscribe from this service at any time.

Non-personally identifiable information is used solely for analytic, aggregation and statistical data purposes. We may use this information with our business partners so that online advertisements, that are relevant to yourself, can be delivered on our website. We ensure that all of the non-personally identifiable information is completely stripped back to the minimum, so that you remain anonymous.

Security of Information

The security of our visitors is a high priority to, which means that we always strive to keep any information collected private and secure. We use effective and reliable managerial, physical and electronic procedures, to prevent unauthorized access to your data. This will ensure the protection of any information we collect and store online. We would like to note, that even with the very best safeguards in place it is virtually impossible for us to guarantee your information is 100% safe, all of the time. We cannot guarantee that information is not accessed, disclosed or destroyed due to a security breach. If this were to happen, which is unlikely, then we will take all necessary legal steps in order to investigate the case and also notify any individuals whose information may have been compromised (as appropriate).

If we detect users that are trying to harm our site or hurt our advertisers we will take every measure to investigate and harmful IP’s will be disclosed to relevant 3rd parties in such cases.


Cookies are used by websites in order to uniquely identify your particular browser, whilst allowing fast and enhanced navigation on that website. These small files will allow various web applications to understand your needs and preferences when browsing the internet; along with your likes and dislikes. We, at, may use cookies to get a better idea of the pages you visit, how often you visit and what you are using the site for. We can then modify our website so that you can enjoy your experience more thoroughly. We may sometimes show relevant advertisements whilst visiting our own or other websites, using ad networks such as Google Ads, using cookies. We only ever use this information for statistical and analytical purposes, to find out more about your preferences as an individual. Cookies do not give any access to any personal information about you. There is an option to accept or decline cookies, which can usually be found in your browser settings. If you decide that you wish for no cookie information to be collected then this could impact your experience, navigation and use of

Privacy Choices

We believe that it should be your choice as to how certain information is used on the website. Below you will find out how to choose what information you provide us.

E-mail and/or any other personal information – It is not mandatory to submit any personal information to, including e-mail address. It is your prerogative to decline to submit any personal information, at any time. We will only ever ask for an e-mail address in order to send out a newsletter, which is a voluntary submission of personal information. You can also request any personal information removed, even though it may have already been submitted to the site. We are unable to provide a newsletter service to those who have not submitted their e-mail address.

Non-personally Identifiable Information – If you do not wish for cookies to be collected, whilst visiting our website, then you will be able to turn these off on your browser or mobile device. Please refer to the instructions for your particular web browser or mobile device, to learn how cookies and any other tracking tools can be disabled. The use of the website may be impaired if cookies are turned off, so please be aware of this before disabling them.

Third Party Vendors

We believe it is important to provide a tailored experience to our visitors, which is why we allow third party vendors (such as Google) to use cookies for a personalized experience. These third party vendors use the cookies in order to display relevant advertisements on our website, based on your previous history and preferences. Google uses a DoubleClick cookie, which allows it to present advertisements based on your visits to our site and/or other websites that you have visited on the internet. The same applies to partners of Google. You are able to opt out of DoubleClick cookies, and advertising based on your interests, at any time.

Ad Settings

We allow third party vendors to use cookies, web beacons and other similar tracking tools, in order to collect information from, as they do for other websites on the internet. These third party vendors are only allowed to use this information for measurement services and targeted advertisements.

Other Websites and Services

In order to enhance your time on the internet, may sometimes contain links to third party websites. Once you leave our website, we have no control over what you may see or the privacy of your information, on that other website. The third party website you visit will accept full responsibility for their content and Privacy Policy. We are unable to protect your information when you are on these websites, as they will be ruled by their own Privacy Policy. Please be sure to read their own terms and conditions or Privacy Policy.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make any changes to our Privacy Policy, as is necessary to improve the website and experience to our visitors. We can make these changes at any given time, at our discretion. We will ensure that the Privacy Policy page is updated as any new changes are made. Please ensure you check back regularly for any changes.

Privacy Policy last updated: November 18th 2014

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have any question or specific concerns regarding our privacy policy, please send us a detailed e-mail message.