Legalisation Of Cannabis In UK Will Most Likely ‘Raise £1bn A Year In Taxes’

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A new study has brought up some very interesting statistics. If the sale of cannabis in specialist shops and stores around the country was to be legalised, the subsequent business drummed up with raise £1bn a year in tax revenue for the government, as well reduce damage and harm caused to society and the users. This information comes from one of the most detailed plans drawn up in history that is for the liberalisation of UK drug laws.



A panel of experts conducted the study, and the panel included people from a variety of different walks of life, including police chides academics and scientists. They suggest it would be beneficial for the UK to copy some of the laws created in some US states where cannabis can be legally sold to those who are of the legal age (over 18) in licensed retail stores.

If these new laws were to be implemented, it would bring up a variety of interesting situations. Under new laws, adults would be able to legally purchase cannabis from licensed stores which are modelled on pharmacies. These types of stores already exist in the US states of Oregon and Colorado. They are single purpose stores and exist only to sell cannabis for medical and recreational use.

It would also become legal to grow your own cannabis at home, and you can also establish group events and “cannabis social clubs”, although this would still limit you to only running a small gathering. But it should be known that advertising or promoting cannabis products would still be illegal.

The price and ways the cannabis can be sold would be solely controlled by the government, and they would also make sure that more dangerous strains of the drug where there is a lot of filler and possibly dangerous mixes would be outlawed and become difficult to find.

Original Source: independent