Just Before Disaster Strikes – 37 Epic Pictures

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It seems as though the entire world have gone photography mad, digital cameras are now available for under £150 and have the capability to make even the most amateur of photographer appear skilled. Even the most basic mobile phone now has a digital camera inbuilt and it is true that there has been a real surge in the business of photography with approximately 60 billion snaps being capture per year.
The internet has made it so easy to share photos easily with Facebook users posting more than 20 billion pictures to the social-networking site. Twitter is also beginning to emerge as a really good way to share pictures. People are making use of the cameras on their mobile phones to post pictures instantly to the internet which has resulted in a number of memorable images, as well as some pictures that may not be best shared.
The following 37 pictures have all been captured seconds before disaster struck; take a look and can you guess what happened next?

Are goats really that scary?

Who knows what is running through the goats mind at this moment, but judging from the look on the ladies face it is something quite terrifying.


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