How This Man Went from Dropout to Multi Millionaire Restaurant Owner

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A parent who wants their child to go to college and get themselves an education, a degree, before entering into the world of work is not uncommon. It’s something that most parents want, and Sam Fox’s father was no different. He was desperate for his son to head to college and make something of himself – but Sam Fox had other plans.


The Story of Sam Fox

Growing up in a world full of culinary work and pleasure, Sam Fox felt as though he knew all that there was to possibly know about restaurants. After a bad experience at a college internship, Sam dropped out before junior year and made a crazy vow – that he would never work for anyone ever again. He always wanted to be his own boss.

Sam got straight to it, and by the ripe old age of… well, 21, he had opened his first restaurant, starting his first business. However, it wasn’t until the restaurant was up and running that Sam began to realise he may actually not know as much about restaurants as he first thought. He was great when it came to food and a pleasant dining experience, but when it came to the business side of things, he had no clue.

Pushing Through Adversity

Using the money that would have been his college tuition money, as well as borrowing money from numerous family members and from friends too, Sam struggled to keep his business afloat, often falling behind on bills and rent and everything else. But like all good entrepreneurs, he pushed through, and after some time, he sold his island themed restaurant on for $500,000.

Since the sale of his first restaurant, Sam Fox has gone on to create Fox Restaurant Concepts, an empire of 50 incredibly successful restaurants. He expects his sales to hit $260 million this year, and for this figure to only increase over the next two years as he plans to expand his empire by an additional thirty restaurants.

While it’s clear that Sam has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today, he still claims that the main bulk of his success is down to his employees, most of whom have been with him since the beginning. While this may be true, it’s obvious that Sam took a huge risk and that it paid off. He took control of his life and made a life worth living, doing exactly what he wanted to do. He’s the perfect example of a modern day entrepreneur.