Ford Moving Small Car Production from US to Mexico

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Big name car manufacturer Ford are set to open up a new factory in Mexico, creating 2,800 jobs in the country and moving small car production away from the US. Many people believe this is quite an interesting move from the car manufacturer, particular as there has been a lot of talk on similar matters during the presidential campaign.


South of the Border Jobs

Donald Trump, presidential contender for America, has had quite a lot to say on companies moving jobs south of the border in recent campaigns. The Republican has rallied against businesses putting Americans out of jobs, in order to take advantage of what he has called a ‘lopsided trade agreement’. However, the $1.6 billion factory is not putting Americans out of jobs according to the company. The Michigan-based assembly plant will be given a cash injection, new models, and will be preserving the nearly 4,000 jobs there too.

Whether this is Ford’s way of showing their political stance on the matter or really just a way of improving their small car production, it’s unlikely anyone will ever find out.