9 Signs You Have A Terrible Boss

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Everyone complains about they’re boss, it just seems to be the thing to do. But how do you know if your boss is actually, genuinely terrible? Just because you and them don’t get on doesn’t mean their bad at their job. However, there are some bosses who really need to be given the boot. Here are 9 signs that you really do have a terrible boss.

Micro Managing

This is one of the worst traits any boss, supervisor or manager could ever have. If your boss is constantly breathing down your neck after they’ve asked you to do something then they are micro managing. This old school method may have worked for some people in the 50s, but it certainly doesn’t work for anyone now. You need to be able to be left to your own devices, without being asked how everything is going every 30 seconds. If your boss is pushy, overbearing and a micro manager then you may want to find another job (or get them fired)!


If your boss has obvious favorites in the office then guess what? They’re not very good at their job. They may treat some employees as if they’re the best thing since sliced bread, but the rest of you like you’re nothing. There’s a million and one reasons why this is a terrible boss trait, but let’s just focus on the main one. If they’re making other employees feel awesome but you feel like crap, then your productivity is going to be seriously lacking. Why work for a boss that only like a select few, anyway? Don’t try to become a favorite, just tell him he’s a terrible boss!

Putting You Down, Constantly

A good boss should know how to strike a balance between putting you down and picking you up. If you do something wrong then surely you should be brought up on it, we get that. However, if they never praise you for the things you do right then there’s a real problem. Unless you never do anything right, in which case you’re the problem. If your boss is great at dishing out the criticism but doesn’t give you the praise you deserve then they’re not a very good boss. It might be worth taking them to one side and pointing this out… Maybe!

The Mind Changer

This is one of the most annoying traits of a terrible boss. They tell you to do something in the morning and by the time it gets to lunch they have changed their mind. Someone who is indecisive is rarely a good leader and it can get on everybody’s nerves. A good boss should be able to make a decision and stick with it, not keep changing their mind every couple of minutes. You’ll find that most employees will get fed up with a mind changing boss, so it won’t be long before they’re shown the door. Who knows, maybe you’ll take their place…

Never Wrong

Yet another extremely annoying trait that is bound to drive you up the wall. The boss that is always right, the boss that is never wrong. Let’s face it, you’re going to find plenty of people like this in life but there’s nothing worse than it being your boss. In order to be a manager people look up to, you need to be able to admit when you’re wrong. A boss that is making a loss for the company and still thinks they’re in the right probably won’t last long anywhere. Stick it out, if you can.

Limelight Lover

What’s worse than a boss who always thinks they are right? A boss who hogs the limelight. The whole team have worked hard on something and they’ve been praised… Yet your boss is adamant that it was all their doing and they take all of that praise. What about the people who spent hours working hard on whatever it was they achieved? If your boss loves nothing more than to have their praises sung then don’t expect much job satisfaction. Or gratitude. Or just joy in life really! It’s time to find yourself another job if this is happening to you.

Vague Feedback

There is nothing better than getting good, solid feedback from whoever is in charge. Okay, so it might suck a little to be told that you haven’t done something quite right, but at least it’s constructive. You can learn from your mistakes, build on it, and be better next time. However, if a boss is giving you vague or useless feedback then it’s not going to be very easy to better yourself. Are they hiding something from you? Find out. It could just be the feedback is vague because they’ve no clue themselves. In which case, show them the door.


If your boss has one of the traits listed above they may also have this one too. They’re desperate for all of their staff to be just like them; clones of who they are and what they stand for. The trouble is, everyone is different, and a good boss should be able to recognize that and work with it. After all, if the whole team thought the same then there will never be new and exciting ideas. A terrible boss is one that thinks everyone should have the same personality as them. No thanks, we’ll get another job!

You Hate Your Job

It may seem like an obvious one, but this is one of the biggest telltale signs that you have a terrible boss. You love the people you work with, you love the money, you love the job itself, but still you’re finding it difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. This is because you’re dreading coming face to face with that terrible boss. If you’re unhappy at work because of your manager then you either need to take it to the stop or start handing your resume out.