10 Exercises Mature Adults Should Avoid

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Staying active and keeping fit help us to stay healthy in an age where we are surrounded by an abundance of rich and sugary food. For most city dwellers, the gym has become the destination to sweat it out and get hearts racing.

Yet it can be intimidating to workout in a gym as we get older for our bodies are no longer in the same condition as 10 years ago. To minimize serious injuries, it becomes crucial to have a gym routine that will suit the fitness level of older adults. The following are 10 exercises that you should try to avoid when you are over 40.

Lat Pulldown

This exercise is supposed to work the back muscles, but the movement of pulling wrights from behind the neck is in itself problematic. It raises the risk of straining the neck and shoulders because in the first place, the starting position is already unstable for the shoulder joint. This routine thereby forces the shoulders to exert the most force when it is at its weakest and biomechanically disadvantaged position.

Lat pulldown machine woman workout at gym


As a result, it is common for people to end up with shoulder impingement and tears and strains on the spine.

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